Fourth of July Worksheets for Dot Markers

Here’s a quick post just to share my 4th of July worksheets with you. These are more dot marker printables, a little simpler than the letter D worksheets I posted here last week – but I think you’ll like these too!

filled in free printable Letter F Fourth of July worksheet

I actually made these a few years ago and sent them out to my newsletter subscribers. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends asked if I had anything for the Fourth of July.

So I dug into my files and found these cute letter F worksheets that I still really like. I decided that they deserve their own blog post.

When you teach little kids about Independence Day in the U.S., the words flag, fireworks, and fourth usually come up. How convenient that they all start with F. – it’s a great excuse to work on teaching the letter F in a relevant way!

Free Printable Fourth of July Worksheets

Grab some dot markers and crayons, and print out these 3 free pages (see below). You can use these before or after the holiday as part of a Fourth of July unit, or you could even set them out as a low-key activity on the big day itself.

closeup of a dot marker dabbing a circle with the letter F printed on it

This page features “F is for Flag”:

filled in fourth of july worksheet featuring the letter F and flags

You can talk about how there’s a star for every state, and 13 stripes representing the original 13 colonies. The stars are too tiny on this for easy counting, but you could count the stripes together.

Next, there’s a page for fireworks – my favorite part of the Fourth!

red and blue do-a-dot markers next to a letter F worksheet about the word "fireworks""

You can talk about how loud they are, and work out some of those fearful feelings. Remind them how they are so beautiful and exciting too! You might even like to try a cute fireworks craft, or you can set up a patriotic playdough invitation to talk about how the colors red, white, and blue relate to the Fourth of July.

Finally, there’s an F worksheet for the word “Fourth”.

blue do-a-dot marker next to a letter F worksheet about the word "fourth"

You can say the words four and fourth and ask them if they can hear the difference. Then talk about how four is for counting how many, and fourth is for telling what place in order something is. (I wouldn’t dig too deeply here yet unless they seem ready.)

As I write this, I’ve realized that I’m missing an important word that also starts with the letter F – freedom! I think that’s the perfect word to go with some free exploration with the dot markers. Talk about what the larger sense of the word means, and then let them just create what they like.

If you’d like some more ideas to keep the kids busy, you can check out this free printable 4th of July memory game or try your hand at this red, white, & blue star craft.

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    More Dot Marker Worksheets

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