Letter D Worksheets with an Ocean Theme {Free Printable}

These letter d worksheets will fit in perfectly with your preschool ocean theme! Print out this cute little set of free dot dabber pages, grab a dot marker and maybe some crayons, and your littles will be ready to go.

dot dabber marker on a Letter D worksheet featuring a dolphin

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Letter D Worksheets

Children can start to learn letters and letter sounds before they can write them. Using a fun tool like a dot marker can help them start to have some motor memory related to the letter shape. Add in a memorable picture representing that letter sound, and you can build some phonemic awareness too.

I hope you love these letter d worksheets for preschool or even kindergarten students who need an easy start to their letter learning.

There’s an uppercase letter version…

Letter D worksheet with a dolphin filled in with blue do a dot marker

and a lowercase letter version…

uncapped do-a-dot marker next to a worksheet with the letter d that is partly filled in with dots, and features a dolphin

Kids can fill these in with Do-a-Dot Art® markers (affiliate link), or just a cotton ball and paint like this.

Of course, teaching them the sound for the letter D is also a goal here. So be sure to talk about that with them. Have them repeat the “d” sound back to you to reinforce it.

“Read to Me” Section

I added a “Read to Me” section to this letter D worksheet to make it more interesting. You can also use it to help your little earners connect with the idea that letters form words, and words can convey information.

If they love to learn (and what 4-year-old doesn’t have a million questions?!) you can think of this little paragraph as just a starting point for a fun and adorable conversation about dolphins.

A Word on Letter b and d Reversals

Confusing lowercase letters b and d is super common. If you have little ones just starting out on their letter learning journey, try to get one down well before working on the other. Letter reversals are normal in preschool and kindergarten (and even all the way up through first grade), and you don’t need to be concerned about them until after that.

If you feel a student needs a little extra help with b and d, you can try one of these research-based “reversing reversal” techniques.

Extend the Learning

There are a few ways you can extend the learning from these letter d worksheets.

  • Students can “write” the letter d or D again by dotting it out on a blank sheet of paper
  • Students can connect the dots with a pencil or crayon to form the letter.
  • Encourage children to ask further questions after reading the “Read to Me” section aloud. Then, show the children how you search in a book or online to find the answer.

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Download the D is for Dolphin Worksheets

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More Ocean Animals Letter Worksheets

I got so excited about this concept that I went and made a huge set of Ocean Animals Alphabet Worksheets just like the ones here. You can see them in my store HERE.

You’ll get 22 animals total, with an uppercase letter and lowercase letter worksheet for each of them. If you’re a classroom teacher, you could give each student the animal that starts with the same letter as their name. Or, you could have children work through as many pages as they’re interested in doing.

Then, send them home for families to read the “Read to Me” section to them again.

Ocean Animal Emergent Readers

You might also be interested in these Ocean Animal Personalized Emergent Readers that are sort of a combination of a name book and an emergent reader. You type in student names on one page, and they magically get printed on every single page of the little book.

You can use these with children who can read kindergarten sight words as fun fluency practice. You can also use it to capture the interest of littler learners – show them how they can find their name in print!

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