Letter Y Sensory Bin

Inside: Capture your preschoolers’ interest with this easy prep letter Y sensory bin.

Letter Y Sensory Bin closeup

I had fun creating a letter X sensory bin for you last month, and readers said they liked it. So I thought I’d create another one for the letter Y. This one is a bit simpler – and Y is a little easier to teach than X. I have focused on the initial /y/ sound.

(You can certainly explain briefly that a Y at the end of words makes a long e sound – especially for kids whose names end in y.)

This letter y sensory bin has just a few easy items that start with y.


I used shredded yellow paper from the gift wrap section of my local dollar store. I figured I could re-use that in an Easter basket, so it wouldn’t be too wasteful. I also added in a few other letter y items. Here’s everything you might want to include:

  • Yellow shredded paper
  • Various bits of colorful yarn
  • A yo-yo (also from the dollar store)
  • Wooden, plastic, and foam letter Y cutouts
  • Yogurt container (not shown)
  • Toy yak (optional)

I didn’t think of a yogurt container until I finished preparing these photos for you to see, but I think that will help the play value a lot. I don’t think many preschoolers can use a yo-yo as intended, and I would expect the string to get tangled up and have yarn wrapped around it too.

I couldn’t find a plastic toy yak, but if you have one, definitely add it!

sensory bin with yellow shredded paper, yarn, and a yo-yo

More Ideas for Teaching the Letter Y

I found a few more ideas that I think you’ll like:

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More Letter Y Crafts – I especially like the yo-yo one!

Finally, don’t miss my free Letter Y Dot Marker Worksheets.

4 variations of letter Y dot marker worksheets and a drawing of a yellow dot marker

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