Play Names

When my girls play together, sometimes they give each other names “in the game.” They always
pick the same names: Sophie and Isabella.
I’ve danced around using my kids’ real names on the blog. I want to protect their privacy, but sometimes it’s awkward writing about them without names. Yesterday, for example, in my tooth fairy pillow tutorial, I ended up referring to my girls as Twin A and Twin B.
So let me more formally introduce you to my children.
“Sophie” (Twin A) is reserved and creative, loves to read, and is very verbal once she warms up.
“Isabella” (Twin B) is quick to smile, a lively chatterbox, and a peacemaker among her siblings (except when she’s not).
My son doesn’t have a pretend name. Maybe it’s a twin thing. Or a girl thing.
I guess I’ll have to think of a “play name” for him.  There are a lot of names that have become popular in the 9 years since he was born. I’ve loved “Liam” ever since I met a little one a while back. So I’ve decided: my son’s Books and Giggles name is Liam.
“Liam” is my budding engineer, my constant interrogator, and our energetic ringleader. Occasionally, he is wise beyond his years.
So there you go. Liam, Sophie, and Isabella.
 It’s always fun trying to keep up with them. I hope you’ll join us again soon.


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