20+ Pool & Water Learning Activities

These water learning activities are a fun way to work on letter recognition or sight words over the summer!

Water learning activities for kids - fun summer ABC games, sight word activities to beat the heat while learning in the pool, water table, kiddie pool, etc.

I love hot weather, and so do my kids. Every year we look forward to playing in water in the summer time. From water table to swimming pool, they’ve always enjoyed water play in our hot Texas weather.

So if your little ones are attracted to water in the heat like mine are, I found the perfect activities to incorporate learning while they have fun and cool off. These water learning activities all incorporate literacy – either practicing letters, both upper and lowercase, or sight words and word building. So depending on what level your child is close to, you can incorporate a little educational activity with fun, splashy water.

Maybe that means you’ll have to play too, to keep cool, right?

Pool & Water Learning Activities

Water Activities for learning ABC's - fun summer alphabet learning ideas

Water Learning Activities for Practicing Letter Recognition

Sometimes a simple activity is exactly what you and your kids need. This Bubbles and Letter Sensory Play is super simple yet involves letter recognition at it’s finest. And bubbles, don’t forget the bubbles.

Are your kids learning how to write letters? This Alphabet Water Tracing activity is the perfect summertime practice!

Search and find is at its finest with Alphabet Soup. Kids can search for specific or even random letters, naming them as they are picked.

I love this engaging squirt the letter activity. Call out a letter and kids can find it on the window then squirt it away.

If you are practicing letter sounds, this fishing and matching game is perfect. Kids can match the letters by sight and sound while using a fishing net to find the right one!

On warm, sunny days you can take the chalkboard outside. This water erasing activity is a simple activity to help practice letter recognition as well as developing pen grasping muscles.

If your preschooler loves alphabet hunts, this will be the highlight of summer. Take the kids outside for a water sprinkler alphabet hunt and they’ll want to play (and learn) for hours!

Do you have access to a pool? This fun Swimming For Letters game is therapeutic and an excellent game for practicing letter recognition.

This is a super cute Ocean Fish activity to help with letter recognition and upper/lowercase matching. It wouldn’t take too long to set  up this activity, yet is something that could be used all summer long.

Kids will love this alphabet letter sounds wash because not only is it full of bubbles and water but it involves their favorite toys too! FUN!

Pretend play comes into play in this Alphabet Rescue activity by pretending that the letters need rescuing before they drown. Kids can name the letters and put them back into the puzzle to save them.

Match upper and lowercase letters with these letter matching floating boats. A simple and inexpensive DIY for the summer months.

This is a super cute ocean fish activity to help with letter recognition and upper/lowercase matching. This activity is another one that could be used all summer long.

Sight Word water learning activities

Water Learning Activities for Practicing Sight Words & Word Building

Practicing sight words with this swimming pool scrabble is an incredibly fun, active and completely DIY way!

Are water balloons more your style? This water balloon word building activity sounds like a highly engaging challenge.

A genius use of a household product is the star of this swimming pool game. If your kids are going to be in the pool anyway, might as well practice sight words too!

Diving for diving sticks is a summer classic. Boost tradition with this diving stick sight word activity. It would be perfect for active kids who love a challenge.

Mixing sight words and pretend play has never been so fun. Write sight words with sidewalk chalk and kids can ‘fight the fire’ by erasing the sight words you call out with this firehouse game.

Kids can get active in the pool and practice their swimming while trying to retrieve sight word balls floating on the water. What a fun afternoon pool activity!


Literacy activities are so much fun when you add water, aren’t they! I hope you found some fun new ideas here.

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