Surfing Santa Christmas Fine Motor Skills Printable

This free Christmas fine motor skills printable is perfect for your Holidays Around the World unit, especially for Christmas in Hawaii or Australia. Preschoolers can use these to practice line tracing and scissors skills.

free printable surfing santa fine motor practice with close up of dry erase marker tracing and scissors cutting

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Surf’s up! Santa is catching some waves in this fun, easy-prep activity. You can pair this with our tropical Christmas sensory bin and one of the books recommended there. In January, you can swap in these winter line tracing strips, which are a little more challenging.

Christmas Fine Motor Skills Printable

Skills Covered

This free printable has two activities: color tracing strips to use with a page protector and dry erase marker, and black and white scissors skills strips.

Children will work on eye-hand coordination as they trace the lines and operate their scissors. Both activities help lay a foundation for handwriting.

colorful scissors and 4 different cutting practice strips featuring Santa on a surfboard

What’s Included in the Free Printable

  • 12 black & white scissors skills strips (3 pages)
  • 12 color line tracing strips (3 pages)
dry erase marker tracing lines on surfing santa tracing strips

Preparation & Materials

All you need to do is cut apart the strips. For the color tracing strips, you or your students can place them in a dry erase pocket like this one (affiliate). The only other items you’ll need are dry erase markers and child-safe scissors.

How to Use

Tell children that they are tracing or cutting the wave that Santa is surfing on!

closeup of colorful scissors cutting a line towards a picture of Santa on a surfboard

They should stop cutting or tracing when they reach the dot. Otherwise they’d cut right through Santa!

(For this reason, only the tracing version has Santa on the left side too.

closeup of dry erase marker tracing lines on surfing santa tracing strips

Download the Free Printable

Ready for surfing with Santa?

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    1. Thanks… we trace AND cut for a double dip in our fine motor work… sometimes on 2 different days OR have the tracing kids trace and then collect those and then have another group cut those:)

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