Watermelon Summer Name Craft

Looking for a fun and easy summer name craft? This watermelon craft will help your students work on spelling their names – and also brighten everyone’s day.

Free printable summer name craft made to look like a watermelon with the name spelled out in seeds, shown with scissors and glue stick

When I think of summertime I imagine hot days, dips in the pool, flip-flops, and perfectly ripe watermelon.

I can remember learning how to spit the slippery seeds as a kid. Nowadays I almost always buy seedless, but I think a watermelon craft needs seeds! And those seeds are perfect for writing letters on…

Summer Name Craft

Teaching kids to write their names starts with helping them recognize their names in print, and then learn the letters and how to put them in order. A cute and memorable name craft is a fun, hands-on way to introduce the alphabet and help children feel a sense of pride in their names.

fingers holding a paper "seed" with the letter r on it, held above paper watermelon name craft

You could copy this idea with construction paper, but I’ve made it extra easy for you and created a free template. Everything is sized right, and little hands can probably cut out the fruit. You’ll need to do the seeds for them – but don’t worry, I have a couple of shortcuts for you.

Skills Covered

Children will work on these skills:

  • Name spelling
  • Letter recognition
  • Fine motor skills: using scissors and glue stick

Preparation & Materials

The free printable consists of four pages. The first page should be printed on green paper. Or, you could print it on white and let your kids paint or color it green.

The second page is the inside of the watermelon, so print that on pink paper, or have the kids color it pink.

scissors, glue stick, cut out parts for summer name craft

For the seeds you have three choices:

  • Type a student name on Version 1 of the editable Seed pages (shown above); then print on white paper and cut out.
  • Type a student name on Version 2 of the editable Seed pages (shown above); then print on brown paper and cut out.
  • Use a 1½ inch oval punch to punch “seeds” from black or brown paper. Write the letters of students’ names with a silver Sharpie® marker.
3 ovals punched out of black paper with the letters M a x on them with a silver pen.

How to Assemble the Craft

Students will cut out the green “watermelon slice”. Then, they can cut out the pink part and glue it on where indicated.

scissors, glue stick, partly assembled summer name craft and name letters

Finally, they can get to the important part: the seed-letters! They will find each letter they need to spell out their names. Then, they should lay them out without gluing to get the spacing right. Once they have a plan, they can glue each letter down.

watermelon name craft: paper collage with "seeds" spelling out a name, shown with scissors and glue stick

Voila! Their sweet summer name craft is ready to display!

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There’s even a watermelon seed activity that complements this name craft!

watermelon seeds spelling out the letter b on a pink printed card

Download the Template

Ready for the free watermelon summer name craft?

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closeup of watermelon name craft: paper collage with "seeds" spelling out a name

Happy Teaching!

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