Zoo Theme Editable Name Letter Recognition Worksheets

These free printable worksheets help children practice recognizing the letters in their names. The cute elephant and lion give them a fun zoo theme!

Here in Texas, and I think in many other parts of the U.S., prekindergarten guidelines expect children to be able to write their first names by the end of the school year.

Name recognition is a useful first step towards name writing. It’s practical too! Simply identifying their own labels and recognizing things that are for them can be a game-changer. It also gives children a sense of identity and belonging.

Plus, understanding the basic concepts of letters will also help them with reading and writing in the long run.  

Name Letter Recognition

When children initially start learning about the alphabet, you want to make it fun and relevant! I thought of making this extremely simple activity to help get you started. You can use this fun zoo-themed printable at any time of the year, whenever you think the children are ready.

This stress-free activity will not only teach students letter recognition but also help them develop other pre-writing skills such as muscle strength and fine motor skills as children manipulate the dot markers. Dot markers are a great tool for younger children as they often haven’t developed a pencil grip yet, so they are much easier to grasp.

I’m excited to share this activity because it gives a personalized touch as each child will get their own unique handout with their name on it.


This activity does require a little preparation beforehand, but it’s not hard.

  1. Open the file (see below) from the latest version of the Adobe Reader program on your computer.
  2. Follow the instructions and type out each child’s name in full. Fill in the extra spaces with random letters of your choice. These letters will “magically” fill in on the worksheets.
  3. Print the worksheets and repeat for more students if necessary

Download the Free Name Letter Recognition Worksheets

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Once you’ve printed each worksheet, you just need to hand children some dot markers and ask them to find the letters of their names. Some children may need a little prompting, and that is fine. Meet them where they are!

To challenge students further, a variation of this activity is to cut the paw/footprints out of the handout and ask children to place the letters in the correct order. Encourage children to pronounce each letter out loud as they work to further cement their learning.

You can also use this printable as an engaging observation tool to check the children’s levels. Children who are fluent in recognizing letters will easily be able to complete this activity, while those who are unfamiliar will need assistance.

Name activities can create a solid foundation for pre-reading skills and a great transition to more letter-recognizing activities. Once your children are confident finding the letters in their names, you can follow up this activity with our name tracing worksheets and this story-inspired zoo theme glue practice worksheet.

glue practice sheet

We hope these resources are helpful to you and you come back for more! 

 Happy Teaching, 


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