Christmas Letter Tracing Activity

With this free printable Christmas letter tracing activity students can also work on fine motor skills and uppercase lowercase matching.

"free Christmas Gift Letter & Line Tracing" title with 3 pictures showing the line tracing and letter tracing activity

Today I’m sharing another low-prep Christmas alphabet activity with you. This one is very similar to my winter letter tracing activity. So if you get your students familiar with how to use these in December, you can switch to the winter one in January.

Christmas Letter Tracing Activity

Materials & Prep

First, print out and laminate the cards. For the full page, you can either laminate it or slide it into a dry erase pocket.

Here’s what you’ll need for this activity:

  • Printable (see below), with letter cards cut apart
  • Dry erase markers

Three Ways to Play

This activity is super flexible and perfect for adapting to your kids’ preferences and learning needs. Here are three ways to play, from simplest to more complex:

1. Concentration

You can use just the cards to play Concentration (also called Memory).

First, grab a set of matching uppercase and lowercase cards. (you don’t need to use the whole alphabet) Mix the cards up face down. Then, have the child turn over two cards at a time to find matching pairs.

When they spot a match, they can trace those letters using a dry erase marker and set the paired cards aside.

If the cards don’t match, flip them face down again and keep going until they’ve matched all the pairs.

hand holding a card with a traced letter a and a picture of a boy with Christmas gifts

2. Tracing Paths

This version adds line tracing as well as uppercase-lowercase letter matching.

Start by picking a pair of matching letter cards and placing them on the activity sheet. Then, let the child use a dry erase marker to trace the gift delivery path from top to bottom.

top half of the activity sheet with the letter a card and a tracing line traced by a green dry erase marker

3. Combo Fun

You can combine Activities 1 & 2 above into one longer activity. As kids find matching pairs during the Concentration game, they can place them on the sheet and trace the path and the letters. Or, they can trace part of the path each time they add new letters.

letter and line tracing activity sheet with letter cards and dry erase pens

Download the Christmas Tracing Activity

Ready for the free printable for this activity? This one is an instant download. Just click here to grab it.

Merry Christmas,


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