Printable Bear Hibernation Hats for Kids

Dive into a mini hibernation unit with these fun bear hibernation hats for kids! They’re the perfect way to practice sequencing while teaching about winter animals at the same time.

"free Hibernation Hats" title across a picture of a paper hat with a hibernating bear and cutout pieces with bear facts printed on them

Kids are fascinated by the concept of hibernation. It’s hard to imagine that animals can sleep for months at a time! This makes hibernation a great topic to cover, especially this time of year when kids are distracted by all the fun holiday festivities at home.

Start by reading any of these 16 hibernation books for preschoolers, then have your students put their new knowledge to the test with these fun bear facts hats! They’re a fantastic way to tie all of their new learning together and have something exciting to show off to their families when they get home from school.

paper hat with a hibernating bear and cutout pieces with bear facts printed on them

Skills Covered

These hats are a wonderful way to consolidate your students’ learning about hibernation while getting hands-on at the same time. This activity will practice:

  • Fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, and gluing)
  • Reading sentences
  • Sequencing non-fiction events

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This free download includes several different versions of the hats, depending on your students’ specific needs.

  • Two hat templates (one with blank numbered spaces and another with the facts filled in)
  • Two card templates (one with the steps numbered and the other without numbers)

These options make it easy to differentiate this activity to different grade levels and skill sets!

closeup of cutout piece with bear fact printed on a bear paw: "Bears wake up again in the spring"

Preparation & Materials

You only need a few basic classroom supplies to make these hibernation hats:

  • Printed hat templates (keep scrolling to get your download below)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Coloring supplies

For younger kids, you may want to cut out the pieces ahead of time and tuck them away in an envelope or bag. This will help you spend less time on the cutting and more time sequencing.


To set up this activity, start by choosing which of the hat templates you want to use.

For younger kids who are new to these sorts of activities, start by discussing the order of events as a class. After reviewing the steps in the hibernation cycle, have them color in the prefilled hat template or cut and paste the numbered steps on their hat bands.

For older kids who can read independently, have them sort through the cards on their own or in a small group to put them in order. Then, have them attach the cards to the printed hats and color!

This would be a great formative assessment after studying hibernation to see what students learned, too.

Download the Bear Facts Hat Template

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bear facts hat and crayons

More Bear-Themed Activities

If you’re studying bears this year, don’t miss these polar bear books, crafts, and activities! They’re perfect for winter.

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