Free Editable Christmas Name Puzzles

Get your kids excited for the holiday season with these customizable Christmas tree lot name puzzles! They’re a fantastic way to practice letter identification, spelling their name, and fine motor skills all at the same time.

"Free Christmas Tree Farm Editable Name Puzzles" showing completed puzzle alongside glue stick and scissors

There’s nothing quite like receiving something made just for you. These editable name puzzles will make your students feel extra special! Although it’ll take a minute for you to add each of your student’s names to the file, it’s worth the effort to see the look of joy on their faces as they work on their own custom puzzle.

They’ll want to keep them forever (or practice them every day)!

Skills Covered

These name puzzles address several key skills:

  • Letter recognition
  • Spelling their name
  • Fine motor skills (scissor skills, coloring, using the puzzle, and gluing)
printout before it is colored or cut

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This download is 13 pages long and includes:

  • Preparation tips to help you customize each puzzle
  • Instructions for how to play
  • 11 puzzle templates divided by the number of letters in each name (for names 2-12 letters long)

Ready to grab your copy? Scroll down to get your download right away!

closeup of partially colored puzzle

Preparation & Materials

Once the puzzles are customized, this activity is almost ready to go! Print them all out and gather these gather these supplies:

  • Customized puzzle for each student (cut into strips)
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Paperclips or baggies (to hold the puzzle pieces together)
  • Construction paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons
solved name puzzle featuring children at a Christmas tree lot, shown with crayons.

How to Play

There are several different ways to use these puzzles, but I prefer to distribute them to students already cut. This requires them to figure out that the puzzle spells their name instead of them figuring it out from the beginning!

Since the puzzles only use straight lines, you could also have them cut the puzzles into strips themselves if you want to practice scissor skills.

name puzzle cut into 6 strips

Once the puzzles are cut into strips, have them solve the puzzle and put the strips in order. Once that’s done, they should glue the pieces down on red or green construction paper.

partially solved name puzzle being glued onto green paper
I know, these are already colored. You can color after gluing too though!

Next, have them search for the letters in their name that are hidden around the puzzle. Color them with a crayon or circle them with a pencil.

When they’ve done all of those steps, have them color in the rest of the picture and display it on a bulletin board (or stick it on the fridge)!

Download the Christmas Tree Lot Name Puzzles

Ready for the free Christmas name puzzles?

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solved name puzzle featuring children at a Christmas tree lot - all glued down onto green paper.

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