Free Printable Christmas Tree ABC Spinners

Are your students learning lowercase letters? These Christmas tree ABC spinners are a fun way to practice discriminating easily confused letters while still getting into the holiday spirit!

"Free Christmas Letter Matching Activity", elf spinner with plastic arrow, and Christmas tree with letters and mini erasers

Christmas Tree Lowercase Letter Activity

This easy prep letter-matching activity is such a perfect morning starter or independent activity during the holidays! Kids love using spinners, and this holiday-themed one is even more enticing thanks to the colorful mini erasers and daubers.

Plus, I love that you can prepare the materials this year and save them again for next year.

Skills Covered

This free printable has several different components, but the main focus is matching easily confused lowercase letters to the same lowercase letter. Students will practice these skills:

  • Letter matching
  • Letter discrimination
  • Letter recognition
  • Lowercase b and d reversals
  • Fine motor skills (flicking, pinching, and gripping)
closeup of Christmas tree with lowercase letters and mini erasers

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This download includes 2 different sets of letters to practice, including a, b, d, g, and p for one set and i, j, k, l, t, and y for the other. Each set includes these materials:

  • Printable elf spinner
  • Christmas tree printable
  • Dauber sheet
spinning letter spinner with elf picture

Preparation & Materials

This is a low-prep activity, so you just need a couple of common tools and supplies:

  • Spinner template (with spinner attached)
  • Printed tree template and/or dauber sheet
  • Dauber or coloring supplies
  • Holiday-themed mini erasers or bingo chips

If you’re ready to get started, you can sign up in the box below for your free download!

How to Play

There are three main ways to use this printable, so choose whichever option makes the most sense for your students!

Option 1: Have students spin the spinner, then color in a matching letter on the Christmas Tree Letters sheet using a dauber or marker. Continue until they’ve found all the letters on the sheet.

The sheet could even be tucked into a dry-erase pouch. Have them color in the circles with a dry-erase marker to reuse the same materials again and again.

Option 2: Use the spinner, and place the mini erasers on the Christmas tree page instead of using a dauber.

Option 3: Use the dauber page as a recording sheet. First, spin the spinner, and place the mini erasers. Then, one by one remove each mini eraser and daub that letter on the recording sheet.

Any of these options could easily be a whole-class activity, too! Place the spinner under the document camera and have the whole class color or mark that letter at the same time while you’re teaching this activity. Then, release them to practice it with a partner or independently.

For extra reinforcement and some phonics practice, have them say the name or sound of each letter, too.

dot dauber sheet next to red Do a Dot marker, crayons, and mini erasers.

Download the Christmas Tree Alphabet Spinners

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Happy Teaching!

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