Polar Express Alphabet Worksheets for Stamp Markers

Inside: free printable Polar Express alphabet worksheets and tips on how to use them with preschoolers or young kindergartners.

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Polar Express Alphabet Worksheets

It’s that magical time of year! If you’re planning to read or watch Polar Express, then your kids will love practicing the letters B, C, E, H, and T with these free holiday stamp marker worksheets.

If you want to practice more letters and letter sounds, you might like my Hot Cocoa ABC Activity which also goes well with Polar Express.

For your littles who love stamp marker sheets, there is a Gingerbread Man-themed set inside of our Holiday Helpers bundle too.

gingerbread man stamp marker worksheet for lowercase letter g shown with a red stamper marker

Skills Covered

I also have a larger set of stamp marker alphabet worksheets in my TPT store, and teachers always tell me how engaged their students are with these. It’s a great way to encourage some skill practice. These worksheets cover several areas at once:

  • Letter recognition – mixed case
  • Connecting letters to their initial sounds
  • Fine motor practice
letter T worksheet with a train next to green stamp markers

What’s Included in the Free Printable

Your free download will include 5 different worksheets that are related to Polar Express in some way:

  • B is for Bell
  • C is for Conductor
  • E is for Elf
  • H is for Hot Cocoa
  • T is for Train
stamp marker letter worksheets for letters H, E, B, C, and T - all with a Polar Express theme.

Preparation & Materials

To prepare, you just need to print out the worksheets and grab something to dot them with. You might like to get crayons out too.

I have sized these to work with Crayola stamper / Emoji markers, but you can also just use a Q-Tip® cotton swab and paint to dot with.

closeup of a hand stamping a letter on the letter T worksheet

How to Use

You can use these Polar Express alphabet worksheets any way you like, but I recommend this order:

  1. Talk about the letter name and how the picture relates to its initial sound.
  2. Dot the uppercase letter.
  3. Find the uppercase letter in the bottom section.
  4. Dot the lowercase letter.
  5. Find the lowercase letter circles in the bottom section.
  6. Dot the picture, and color it if desired.

If your littles prefer a different order then that’s fine too!

letter H worksheet with a drawing of hot cocoa. Uppercase H is partially stamped in with a stamp marker, which is shown resting on the page.

More Polar Express Activities

You can extend the story or movie with some simple activities:

  • Add pretend snow and a toy train to your blocks area
  • Try this J is for Jingle Bells letter activity
  • Make hot cocoa together (and try these printable hot cocoa hats)
  • Grab some colorful jingle bells and set up a magnet science activity
  • Set up a dramatic play train: line up some chairs to be a “train”, and gather some plastic mugs or cups for “cocoa”. You might also want to add tickets, bells, and enlarged scenes from the story. Let their imagination fill in the rest!

Download the Polar Express Worksheets

Ready for the free stamp marker worksheets to use after you read or watch Polar Express?

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Happy Teaching and Merry Christmas!

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