Farm Theme CVC Words Activity {Free Printable}

Inside: This free printable Farm theme CVC Words activity has students matching short vowel words to pictures – all in a cute chicken and egg scene.

"Farm theme cvc word matching activity" with the edge of a hand holding a paper egg with the word "wag" on it and a card featuring a chicken on a nest with a picture of a dog wagging its tail.

Howdy! Today we’re on the farm and headed to the chicken coop for some eggs — and a little reading practice.

This is a cute activity to add to your centers or small group table after reading aloud some great farm books. You could also add it to your life cycle of a chicken unit, or include it with other classroom farm activities.

Farm Theme CVC Words Activity

Your students can practice matching the CVC words on these “eggs” to the pictures in the chicken nests.

Skills Covered

Children will work on reading and comprehending consonant-vowel-consonant words.

What’s Included in the Free Printable

There are 6 words for each vowel. That means that the whole 5-page set includes the following:

  • 30 egg cards
  • 30 nest cards
  • Recording sheet (2 pages)

Preparation & Materials

You will need to cut out all the cards and eggs. Laminate them if you like. That’s it!

If you want to add some play elements, you could add the pieces to a life cycle of a chicken sensory bin.

How to Play

You can include all 30 egg-chicken pairs, or just a few. You may like to focus on one vowel group at a time.

To get ready, you may want to begin by pointing to each CVC picture and letting the students have a go at identifying it.

To begin play, children pick up an egg and read the word aloud.

Next, they look for the chicken nest featuring a picture of the word they just read. Then they lay the egg on that nest.

Finally, they can look for and trace each matched word on their recording sheet.

Extend the Learning

If you want to extend this activity further, here are a few ideas that students can try:

  • Group the words and/or CVC pictures by beginning, medial, or ending sound
  • Flip the cards and eggs upside down and lay them out to play concentration (a.k.a. memory)
  • Find the rhyming words in each vowel group. (Each group has 1 or 2 pairs)
  • Explore other activities that teach kids all about farm animals such as rabbits, turkeys, pigs, and sheep.

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fingers holding a paper egg with the word "nap" on it held above chicken nest CVC word picture cards


    1. I’m sorry – I only have a color version at this time. I hope to add an expanded version (with more words) to my store soon, and I do plan to make a black & white version for that.

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