Simple Summer Five Senses Games {Free Printable}

Inside: These summer five senses games all use a free printable spinner and cards. Students can use them to practice matching each sense to an example.

free printable summer 5 senses activity with cards laid out above a spinner

Ahhh, summer! Imagine the taste of watermelon, the feel of sand between your toes, and the smell of the barbecue grill. Add in the sound of bees buzzing and the sight of colorful sailboats along the horizon, and you have the 5 senses of summer!

Summer is a fun time of year to teach a five senses unit. Today I’m sharing a simple activity that you can add to your lesson plans – or just play for fun when you need a quiet activity.

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Summer Five Senses Games

You can use these Five Senses spinner and cards in lots of different ways. Choose whatever best fits your needs.

five senses spinner with cards around it

What’s Included in the Free Printable

This is a simple set. It includes the following:

  • One 5 senses spinner page
  • 15 summer senses cards (2 pages)

Preparation & Materials

You will need to attach some kind of spinner to the spinner page. I love these plastic spinners that I bought on Amazon, but you could also just attach a paperclip with a brad and use that as a spinner.

The only other prep you’ll need to do is to cut out the cards. Easy peasy!

summer 5 senses cards laid out on a table

Ways to Play

You can play several different summer five senses games with these cards. I would have students play individually or with me in a small group.

Here the games are, listed from easiest to most challenging:

  1. Spin & Search: Lay out all the cards face up. Spin the spinner. Then find and pick up a card with the same sense as the spinner. Continue spinning until you have picked up all the cards.
  2. Spin & Match: Spin the spinner, then draw a card. If the senses match, keep the card. Otherwise, discard that card and draw another. If that cards matches, keep the card. If it doesn’t, discard it. Then spin again.
  3. Spinner-Concentration: Get ready by placing all the cards face down in rows. Start each turn by spinning the spinner. Then, turn over one card. If it matches the spinner, keep the card. If it doesn’t match, flip it back over (but try to memorize where it was!) Continue spinning and turning over cards until you have picked up all the cards.

You can also use just the spinner or just the cards. For instance, you could incorporate the spinner into a circle time or whole group activity. Or spread the cards out around the room to make a write the room type activity.

Download the Summer 5 Senses Printable

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