Race Car Vowel Game {Free Printable}

Inside: a racecar theme vowel game to help your students learn the letters a, e, i. o, and u. Perfect for your transportation unit, and for motivating little learners who love cars!

Race Car Vowels free printable spinner and game board

Vroom! Vroom! It’s time for some vowel practice with this cute race car theme free printable.

You can add this to your transportation unit, along with my simple transportation tracing worksheets.

This activity is all about just vowels. Since almost all the words in our language include a vowel, they are super important for students to know well as they get ready to read.

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Race Car Vowel Game

See that cute spinner with a road around it? Children will give it a whirl, and then move the corresponding racecar. It’s an engaging and simple activity.

Race Car Vowels free printable spinner with yellow plastic spinner attached

What Skills are Covered?

This activity gives students a chance to practice working with the letters a, e, i, o, and u. Specifically, they can work on the following skills:

  • Letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Uppercase and lowercase pairs

What’s Included in the Free Printable

The printable has 7 pages:

  • 4 spinner pages (2 boy and 2 girl versions – with and without the stoplight)
  • Vowel race car pieces (1 page)
  • Gameboard (2 pages)

Preparation & Materials

First, you’ll need to add some kind of spinner arrow to the spinner page. You can use a plastic arrow (I love these arrows that I bought on Amazon), or just attach a paperclip with a brad.

Race Car Vowels free printable spinner shown with a paperclip
Oops – the brad isn’t shown here.

Note that there are 2 different types of spinner pages, and each of those comes in a boy version and a girl version. The version with the stoplight is slightly more complicated — you may want the plain version for some learners.

Next, trim the gameboard pages and glue or tape them together so that the road is continuous.

Race Car Vowels game board

Finally, cut out each of the racecar pieces. Alternately, you can use little toy cars and write the vowels on each car’s roof.

This printable makes a good magnetic game if you want to do that. Just tape magnets to the back of each car. Then, trim the gameboard to fit a large cookie sheet.

How to Play

You can have one student play this race car vowel game alone, to see which vowel car wins. Or, you can use it with a small group and assign each child a letter. Here is the basic idea of how to play:

  1. To start play, a student spins the spinner and names the letter that it lands on.
  2. Next, the child will pick up the racecar labeled with that vowel and move it one pip along the road.
  3. Finally, you can also have them call out the name of the uppercase letter or phonics picture shown on that pip.

How to Play Using the Traffic Light:

  • You can add an additional twist by using the spinner with a traffic light on it.
  • If the spinner lands on the green light rather than a letter, then the child spins again. Then, the car for the letter they land on gets to advance two spaces instead of one. Woohoo!
Race Car Vowels free printable spinner shown with a paperclip

In either version, the game ends when each of the racecar vowels has reached the star at the end of the road.

Download the Free Printable

Ready for the free printable vowel game?

To get your very own copy, just click the image link below:

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    1. Hi Erica,
      I’m glad you like it. If you need to save ink you could print a smaller version by choosing “Multiple” under Page Size in Adobe Reader. Then choose 2 pages per sheet. For the spinners, you will want Landscape orientation, and for the roads you’ll want Portrait orientation. Some of the photos you see are actually of this half size – because they are easier to photograph that way – but I can also tell you that the smaller size is still “playable”.
      Also, I know every printer is different, but I buy generic ink for mine, and it saves me a bundle of money with no discernible quality difference.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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