Shark Alphabet Worksheets {Free Printable}

Inside: these free printable shark alphabet worksheets come with a fun spinner activity. Students can work on letter recognition and distinguishing easily confused letters.

shark letter spinner and shark letter search printables next to each other, shown with a blue Do a Dot marker above the worksheet

Cue your favorite the shark music – and get ready for a fun little activity. You can pull these out during shark week, add them to your ocean theme activities (like these D is for Dolphin worksheets, or just use them on their own..

I purposely chose a goofy, friendly-looking shark that (I hope) won’t scare your more sensitive preschoolers. Even the fish on the worksheets are swimming safely away (or maybe they’re even “cleaner fish”!) Speaking of fish – you might also like my free Fishing for Letter Sounds worksheets.

Shark Alphabet Activity

What letter will the shark eat next? Children can spin the spinner to find out, and then look for that letter on their worksheet.

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What’s Included in the Free Printable

There are 4 different spinner-worksheet sets. Each one features letters that are a similar shape so that students can work on differentiating them.

These are the combinations:

  • a, c, e, o, r, s, u, z
  • b, d, h, p, q, w, e, f
  • f, i, k, l, t, m, n, u
  • g, j, p, q, v, w, x, y

As you can see, a few letters repeat so that each spinner can have 8 letters on it. Also, some letters fit into more than one category (I’m looking at you, little p!)

Preparation & Materials

First, you may like to laminate the spinner pages for durability, or you can just print on cardstock or tagboard.

You will need something to use as a spinner. You can simply attach a paperclip and brad, or you can insert a purchased plastic spinner. (I love these spinners that I bought on Amazon).

closeup of shark letter spinner printable with a red plastic spinner attached to it

Flicking these spinners is so much fun!

For the Shark worksheets, you’ll also need a bingo dot marker (a.k.a. dot dauber or Do a Dot marker). Alternatively, you could provide another small stamp, or even mini erasers to place on the dots.

How to Play

You may want to start by reviewing each letter on the spinner. You can help students…

  • say the letter names
  • talk about what the letter shapes have in common
  • point out what is different about each letter shape

To play, students will start by spinning the spinner arrow.

"Shark Letter Spinner ABC Activity" showing the edge of the letter find worksheet and the full letter spinner page, with a blue Do a Dot marker at the bottom

Then, they will find the matching letters on the worksheet and stamp them with a dot marker.

a blue dot dauber marker hovering over a shark worksheet featuring circles with letters in them.

Pretty simple, right?!

Download the Shark Spin & Dot Worksheets

Ready for the free shark worksheets?

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Happy Teaching,


"Free Printable Shark ABC Spin & Dab" showing the edge of shark letter spinner and a shark letter search worksheet. A blue Do a Dot marker is at the bottom.


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