Letter E Dot Marker Worksheets

Inside: These free printable Letter E dot marker worksheets give preschoolers practice recognizing uppercase and lowercase E along with the short and long e sounds.

dot marker above a letter E worksheet with elephants on it

If your kids are fans of Do-a-Dot markers, I think they’ll enjoy these letter E worksheets. There are both lowercase and uppercase pages featuring elephants, eggs, electricity, emeralds, and eating.

I included both the short e sound and the long e sound – but mostly short e. I know that many programs teach just the short vowel sounds at first. However, you may also like to introduce the idea that the letter e can also make other sounds.

letter E worksheet partly filled in with a blue dot marker

Please don’t sit your students down to do all these pages at once. There are 10 different worksheets to give you options over many days.

Download the Dot Marker Worksheets

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    partially filled in letter E worksheet on top of a lowercase letter e worksheet

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