40 ENGAGING Free Kindergarten Worksheets for School and Home Learning

With everyone home on an extended “vacation”, lots of teachers and families are looking for free kindergarten worksheets. But little kids don’t like to sit and do worksheets all day! (nor should they).

You don’t want to add to their screen time either.

Enter hands-on worksheets and printables!

In a classroom setting, these can involve special materials that families might not have at home. To help out, I’ve rounded up a selection of some super engaging worksheets and printable activities that use items families are likely to have on hand.

Free Early Literacy Worksheets & Printables

Many of these free kindergarten worksheets and activities are also perfect for academically advanced preschoolers.

Printable Alphabet Activities

Working on letter sounds, letter recognition, and writing letters doesn’t have to be boring with these fun printable activities!

alphabet worksheets and printables

Clockwise from the top right:

Ducks-in-a-row letter matching worksheets – I show these being used with do-a-dot markers, but children could also use cotton balls and paint, or just color with crayons.

Circus Play Dough and Letter Mats – a fun, creative way for kids to practice pre-reading and letter knowledge skills.

Easter Egg Letter Recognition worksheets – color these with crayon and then paint with watercolor – or just color the whole thing.

Spring Alphabet Worksheets – these are designed to be filled in with stamp markers (a.k.a. emoji markers), but you can also use a cotton swab and paint. Kids LOVE these!

Transportation Alphabet Playdough Mats – another fun playdough mat for learning ABCs, sure to appeal to preschoolers.

kindergarten literacy printables

Bunny Hop Alphabet Board Game – Get the kids hopping while they name letters and letter sounds.

Alphabet Chart Activities – print one or two color pages and use it for several different letter practice activities.

Lego Duplo Animal Alphabet Cards – bring along reluctant learners and enthusiastic builders with these clever free printable cards.

Early Reading and Writing Printables

kindergarten literacy worksheets

Clockwise from the top right:

4 Seasons Emergent Readers – these free printable booklets can be personalized with your child’s name to make reading time extra-relevant.

The Little Red Hen Activities – practice fluency with the free emergent reader and letter sounds with a cute printable activity.

Robot Sight Word Game – type in the sight words your child is learning. Or, you could even use it to teach letter identification, letter sounds, or math facts. There are several other themed game boards available too, including a Unicorn and a Dinosaur version.

Sequencing Cards – story sequencing is an important reading comprehension skill, and these cards are an engaging way to practice it.

Letter Collage – Make it easy for little learners to “write” with these printable alphabet pages

Free PreK/K Math Worksheets & Printables

Some of these are more for preschool or struggling kindergartners, while others are more advanced or come in several levels.

free math worksheets and printables for kindergarten and preschool

Left to right by row:

Popcorn Counting Mats – a hands-on way to practice identifying numbers and counting from 1 to 20.

Snack Time Addition – print out one of these mats and use small snacks to work on addition.

Superhero Number Recognition Game – print out these bingo-style cards and number card deck to practice instantly recognizing and naming numbers through 20. Kids can use any small object as card markers.

Monster Math Dice Activity – practice counting, number writing, and numeral recognition while doing a fun drawing game. Also try Robot Math, which is the same activity, but involves drawing a robot instead of a monster.

Sensory Bin Number Puzzles – while not strictly a worksheet, this adorable printable looks like an engaging way to practice counting and number recognition.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – children count common household objects with this cute printable worksheet.

free math worksheets and printables for kindergarten and preschool

Left to right by row:

Complete the Pattern Germ Worksheets – completing patterns is an early math skill, and this relevant printable is a hands-on way to practice it.

Farm Theme Sorting Worksheets – preschoolers can work the early math skill of sorting with this cute farm theme cut and paste activity.

Number Hunt – a more open-ended version of an indoor scavenger hunt.

Letter Sudoku – (not pictured) yes, these use letters, but I’m including them in the math section since they work on logical thinking skills. Great for kids who crave a challenge!

Calendar Time Printable – have calendar time at home with this done-for-you free printable.

Number Line Game – build number sense with a fun bingo game that comes in 3 different levels.

Rainforest Frog Math Games – work on a variety of early math skills with this cute rainforest themed printable set.

Free Science Worksheets and Printables

free science activities for kindergarten

Clockwise from the top right:

Growing a Flower Playdough Mat – reinforce the concept of what a flower needs to grow with this pretty printable.

Human Body Puzzles – match the puzzle pieces for 6 organs in this engaging free printable activity.

Forest Food Chain Cards– create different possible food chains with these colorful cards. This post also includes a suggested book list – or you can sign up for a free account on BrainPOP junior and watch their informative food chain video.

Weather Chart Activity – use this free printable to observe and track the weather.

Sink or Float Experiment – grab all the fresh fruit and veggies in the house for a memorable science experiment (don’t worry, no produce will be harmed in this activity!)

Free Social Studies Printables

free printable continent puzzle

Printable Continent Puzzle – okay, this is a puzzle, not a worksheet. But if you want to fit in some hands-on geography this is a fun way to teach about the continents.

Not pictured, but these look like good free resources for kindergarten social studies:

Needs vs. Wants Worksheet – cut, sort, and paste the needs and wants cards in this kindergarten social studies activity.

Community Helpers Puzzles – match community workers with the tools they use, with help from some simple sentences.

Community Helper Hats – print out these adorable hats for some educational pretend play!

Printable Fine Motor Skills Activities

printable fine motor skills activities

Clockwise, from the top right:

Glue Dot Practice – read aloud (or watch on youtube) the story Put Me in the Zoo, and then have fun practicing the important fine motor skill of using ‘just a dot’ of glue.

Hungry Caterpillar Hole-Punching – retell the favorite story while working on fine motor skills. Not everyone has a hole punch, but for those that do this is super fun!

Dot Dabber Butterfly worksheets – If you have a kid who loves using bingo dot markers, they won’t want to miss dabbing on wings to these butterflies.

Make a Face – print out this simple page and fill in the face in one of the 5 suggested ways from materials you have at home.

Lion’s Mane Cutting Activity – use this cute free printable template for some fun scissors practice.

Want to find all these fun free worksheets and printables again later? Here’s an image you can save to Pinterest:

free kindergarten worksheets and activities collage


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