Groundhog Day Emergent Readers {Free Printable}

Inside: These Groundhog Day emergent readers are special – you can personalize them with student names!

closeup of a page from the Groundhog Day emergent readers and smaller images of the covers of the two different versions included (cloudy and sunny)

Groundhog Day always sneaks up on me! I start thinking about Valentine’s Day as soon as I see all that candy in stores, but I forget about Phil and his groundhog friends.

I should remember it though. It’s the perfect holiday to break up winter’s dreariness, and a good excuse for a small celebration.

Groundhog Day Emergent Readers

Once you get kids interested in this special day, you can follow up with one of these printable groundhog day emergent readers.

4 different booklets of the groundhog day emergent readers laid out on a table with crayons

If you open the file in Adobe Reader, you’ll be able to type in your students’ names. That will magically put those same names on the cover and on several pages inside the book.

Two groundhog day booklets, one showing the cover, and the other opened to a page.

There’s a version for cloudy days…

Close up of page featuring a groundhog and a sign that reads "Here Comes Spring!" along with crayons and another booklet on the side.

and a version for sunny days, where the groundhog sees his shadow….

2 Groundhog day books with sun

(The last page of the sunny day one features a sign that reads “6 More Weeks of Winter!”)

A Few Details

The booklets are set up to print two books at once – each booklet is a half sheet of paper. If you want to print four pages per sheet instead, you can click “Multiple” on the Adobe Reader print dialogue menu, and select “2”. That’s what I did for the booklets you see in the photos. Honestly, because there are two versions of the story it’s more confusing to put together the books this way, but it does save paper.

Personalized Emergent Readers

If you like this free printable, you might also like my 4 Seasons Emergent Readers here on this blog. You may also be happy to learn that I have a lot more of these Personalized Readers in my store.

Personalized emergent readers

There are several more themes not featured on the cover because I keep adding books to this popular bundle.

Kids really love seeing their own names in print. This year (2020-21) teachers have been sending these home in packets to their students working via distance learning.

What a great way to make a personal connection for remote learners!

2 booklet opened to pages inside the readers.

This year more than ever we need every celebration we can think of. Groundhog’s Day is a fun one that everyone can get behind.

…and let’s all pray for an early spring!

Happy Teaching,


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      Happy Groundhog Day!

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