Valentine’s Day Sight Word Activity with Dice

Inside: Print out this engaging editable Valentine’s Day sight word activity that helps children remember their sight words and high frequency words.

Valentine's Day Sight Word Activity shown in action

A little Valentine’s Day fun is just what the doctor ordered this year. We all need to spread some extra joy and celebrate the magic of love and friendship.

You can talk about how hearts are a symbol of love, and ask your children what they love.

Then, when it’s time to practice sight words, grab some dice and heart stamps (or alternative stamps if you don’t have hearts), and print out this cute, customizable mini-game with your choice of words.

Valentine's Day sight word activity printable and recording sheet with dice and heart stamp

Valentine’s Day Sight Word Activity

As soon as I found these adorable little animals holding hearts I knew I wanted to use them for a Valentine sight word activity.

My "Roll and Read" Words recording sheet stamped with heart stamp

The pdf for this is editable. That means you can personalize each game for different students, helping them review the words they have the most difficulty with.

Materials & Prep

You’ll need the following:

  • Printed activity and recording sheets (see below to grab yours)
  • A heart stamp, dot marker, or other stamp.
  • One die (yep – singular of dice – is that silly or what?!)
  • Pencil or another writing instrument to trace the words with

How to enter your own sight words:

1.  Open the file in Adobe Reader.

2. Scroll down to page 3 in the file. Click in one of the blue rectangles and type a sight word. You can hit TAB to jump to the next blue rectangle, or just click the blue rectangle where you want to type. Continue for all 6 sight words.

Here’s a screenshot:

screenshot of recording sheet with sight words being entered

3.  Now, print out both sheets. If you want, you can laminate the game board for durability.

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    How to Play

    1. Set the sheets, dice, and stamps out on a flat surface.
    2. Roll a die and then call out the number that is rolled. (This is great subitizing practice too!)
    one die and rubber heart stamp
    1. Next, find that number on the game sheet, and read the word on the heart that the animal is holding.
    corner of printable with panda, heart stamp on stamp pad, and a dice
    So, in this example the rolled die shows a 6, and the animal with the 6 cube next to it is holding a heart with the word “she” on it. So the child would read the word “she” and then stamp it on the recording sheet.
    1. Finally, find the same number and word on the recording sheet, and mark it with one stamped heart.
    fingers holding a heart stamp over the worksheet

    Every time they read a word you can have them stamp the mark sheet. Alternatively, if you don’t have heart stamps or dot markers you can draw hearts on the sheet and have the children color them in with crayons.

    Or just use whatever small stamps you have on hand. I think this pink one is a butterfly…

    pink stamp and dice on the recording sheet

    I hope you and your young friends will have loads of fun rolling the dice and stamping their pages.

    If you’d like more sight word ideas, you can try this Valentine’s Day Spinner activity, or one of these free sight word activities.

    Happy Teaching,


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