Letter X Activities and Crafts: Words that End in X

If you’re teaching your preschoolers or kindergartners about the letter X, you may want to focus on words that end in the /x/ sound, like fox, box, and fix. These letter X activities, crafts, and printables can help.

collage of letter x activities

Letter X Activities

From sensory play to drawing and science, these letter X activities will help you hit home the lesson that X makes the "ks" sound.

Letter X Crafts

You have lots of options when it comes to making crafts that represent the /x/ sound! Here are some of my favorites...

Box Crafts

First up are crafty boxes.

Fox Crafts

Fox crafts are always adorable - teaching the letter x is a great excuse to make one of these.

More Crafts for the Letter X

Here are a few more ideas to round out your /x/ sound craft list.

Printables for Words that End in the Letter X

These free printables are yet another way to teach the X sound.

I hope you found some valuable ideas here that help you teach the letter X and the /x/ sound. Happy teaching!

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