Snowman Winter Beginning Sounds Activity

Inside: Match the snowmen to their hats with this cute printable winter beginning sounds activity for preschool or kindergarten.

cards with pictures of snowmen holding letter sound pictures and hat pieces with letters on them

These snowmen need their hats, but they each want a certain hat…

Winter Letter Sounds Activity

In this hands-on snowman-themed activity, children will identify the picture that each snowman is holding, and then find the hat with the letter for its initial sound.

They can also trace each letter on a recording sheet.

Snowman ABC worksheet with tracing letters for lowercase a-z, shown with a blue crayon and a snowman card and hat piece

Skills Covered

  • Initial letter sound recognition
  • Lowercase letter recognition
  • Lowercase letter tracing

What’s Included in the Free Printable

The 10-page free printable, which you can get at the very bottom of this post, includes just about everything you need for this activity:

  • 26 Snowman cards (7 pages)
  • 26 Hat cards (2 pages)
  • Recording sheet (1 page)

Preparation & Materials

Just cut out the cards and hats. You may want to print them on cardstock and/or laminate them so that you can use them every year.

in focus: edge of a hand holding a paper hat piece with the letter b on it. In the background there is a snowman without a hat holding a sign with a bee on it, and another hat piece with the letter c on it

How to Play

You can set up this winter letter sound activity in multiple ways, depending on your littler learners’ needs.

  • Newer learners can start with just two or three pairs of snowmen and hats.
  • More experienced students can work with perhaps ten pairs at a time.
  • Or, if you want children to work with the whole alphabet, make sure to give them plenty of space to spread out.

Here is the basic procedure:

  1. Shuffle your selection of cards and hats, and spread them out face up.
  2. The student will search for pairs, putting the correct hats on each snowmen as she works.
  3. Then, she will find and trace those letters on the recording sheet.

Extend the Learning

You can extend this activity in a few ways:

Students can add additional letter sound cards or objects at the base of each snowman. For example, they could place a small plastic dolphin toy on the ‘d’ snowman.

You can also read aloud a snowman book or make a simple snowman craft.

One more idea is to read the funny book Sneezy the Snowman and add in this hot cocoa letter sounds activity as well.

"Snowman Letter Sounds" title and photo of cards with pictures of snowmen holding letter sound pictures and hat pieces with letters on them

Download the Free Snowman Cards & Hats

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